The young Brazilian designer, Aline Celi, is inviting you to the world of IN PROGRESS... The new ready-to-wear collection captures what it means to be an empowered woman. Our collection goes beyond fashion, it encompasses the spirit of feminism and romanticism in today's world, where society still puts women on the edge, labeling them as either soft or powerful.

Convincing women to stay true to who they are is what is in our DNA. That was the main reason why we decided to use the event to send a message "We believe in a better world, without discrimination, with equality and harmony", we do not accept or support prejudice, nor any kind of violence and disrespect to any human being, no matter the gender, we all deserve respect!

 IN PROGRESS... brings modern and symmetrical cuts, inspired by Bauhaus and Kandinsky, it radiates optimism and positivity through its shapes and fabric and they can be felt in every piece of fabric of the new collection and they were what inspired Aline. Every woman should not only feel confident and comfortable, but free. Freedom is the core of IN PROGRESS...  powerful women who don't need to sacrifice sexiness, feminity, and romance.

Join this ultimate world.