We support young people

Aline CELI is committed to strengthening and training socially disadvantaged young people in Brazil. To this end, we support the "Tor fürs Leben" association, which finances projects by local partners in Brazil. For example, the "Gol na vida" project in the state of Natal. Football is used here as a community-building team activity to give children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds a stable community, a safe place and prospects.

Through intensive and professional sports training, the young people experience positive experiences and learn a fair cooperation. The experiences in sport open the young people also for the other concerns of the projects: Information, health and education. This overall support should contribute to the self-confident development of the young people and enable them to work for a stable future. As far as possible, young people are also supported from a sporting or other professional perspective.

Aline Celi is also personally committed to the success of these projects. We look forward to hearing from you for more information or your interest in supporting the projects!