Create important connections with life and impact the world with your presence.
— Aline Celi

Envisioning an entirely new atmosphere for the collection, Aline Celi got her inspiration from the '30s.
The decade is known paradoxically for its crises and glamour.
Inspired by the unforgettable Marlene Dietrich, the collection tries to reflect the mysterious beauty that Dietrich brought to her time.

Dietrich, without much pretentiousness, but with a lot of audacity (an attitude that has always thought of as peculiar throughout her life), also stands out in the 1930s for introducing a revolutionary women's wardrobe, pieces previously considered only as belonging to a masculine world.

And it is in this fascination for the years that fashion recreated itself in such a practical and classic way that the CONNECTION 30 collection was born.
What we see on the catwalk is nothing new, but is something always current, thought-provoking, admirable, and desirable.

It is a garment that when brought to the body of a woman combined with presence and attitude reveals much more than female sensuality, but mainly remarkable empowerment in the personality of women of the present day.

Photos credits:Hermine Björkman and Raphael Poschman